(Jumlah: 20 Orang)

Sewa kapal speed boat untuk 1 hari atau maximum 10 jam/hari.

Kapal dari Marina Ancol Jakarta. Kapal digunakan secara private untuk keperluan: travelling dengan keluarga, perusahaan instansi, reuni, acara keluarga atau acara formil/bisnis, mancing. Karena private rental, maka anda sendiri yang menentukan jadwal.


FACILITY :  AC, TV, Toilet, 1 Room, Pantry.

Pulau Tujuan  Harga
 P.Ayer, Bidadari

Rp.  2,400,000

 Untung Jawa

Rp.  3,970,000

 Pramuka, Pari

Rp.  5,550,000

 Pulau Tidung

Rp.  5,970,000

 P.Putri Sepa

Rp.  6,600,000

 Pulau Pantara

Rp.  8,700,000




Nama Kapal                KM. Vincent 1


Tahun Pembuatan



 14 Meter


 3,5 Meter


 1,2 Meter

Material Pembuatan

 Fiber Glass

Jumlah Dek

 2 Dek

Mesin Penggerak

 Yamaha 2 Tak 3 x 200 Hp


 25-45 Knot / Jam


 2 Unit

Kapasitas Bahan Bakar

 700 Liter

Jumlah Penumpang

 20 Orang

Alat Navigasi

 Lampu Navigasi, Kompas, GPS

Perlengkapan Keamanan

 Life Jaket, Ring Boy, Jangkar, Tali

Jumlah ABK

 3 Orang


Contoh Kapal KM VINCENT

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KM. Vincent 1

Enjoying the time at Jakarta does not mean you will get bored by the hectic and also the big city life which often makes us feel a bit depressed. We can still explore the beauty of Indonesia around Jakarta. Exploring the islands around Jakarta is one of the great ideas which we can try since that is a good idea for having a sweet escape from the hectic Jakarta. Sure, exploring lots of beautiful places there becomes really simple and possible by renting a boat. There are some references of where to rent the boats in Jakarta. One of the credible yet recommended places to go for hunting the boats for rent is from They have some collections of boats which are available for anyone to rent. Each of those boats has its own feature including the various ranges of capacity. If you are going to rent the speedboats, it is better to plan it well first. You need to consider how many people who will go with you. If you are going to enjoy the trip with lots of people, who are about 20 and more, it means you have to find the right speedboat which has such that capacity. Here are some of them.

Vincent 1

One of the boats which have the capacity for 20 passengers is this one. This boat is ready for rent to various destinations, as like Bidadari / Ayer Island, Pari Island, Untung Jawa, Pramuka/Tidung, Kelapa / Harapan, Putri/Sepa Island, or Pantara Island. The maximum time for renting the boat is ten hours. Besides of that, we also can rent the car for fishing. Each of the destinations or aim in renting the boat has different renting cost. There are some facilities which we can find from this boat. It is including of course the 20 person capacity speedboat, TV, air conditioning, one room, toilet, pantry, and so on. The speedboat is not too small since the length is about 14 m, with the width of about 3.5m. There are two decks in this boat.

Linggar Jati

The next idea for the boat for 20 passengers and more is this speedboat. This boat has the capacity of about 25 passengers. Compared to the previous boat, this boat is a bit smaller with the length of the boat 12.5 m and the width about three meters. There is only one deck there. The destinations which can be reached are the same as the previous type of the boat. We also can rent it especially for fishing and enjoying the time around there with the particular cost. This is a made-in Italy boat supported by the engine of Yamaha – 200pk x3. There are also some facilities including the toilet which is clean and also comfortable.

Predator 1&2

This speedboat can be one of your ideas to choose in renting a boat in Jakarta, especially for you who are looking for boats which are able to accommodate 20 or even more passengers. This boat has the capacity of about 25 passengers. This boat can be rent for reaching lots of destinations which you can choose. The destinations which you can choose are still the same as the other boats mentioned above. You can also rent it for fishing with the different cost, of course. Some facilities which you can obtain from this boat are including the comfy yet clean living room, rooms, toilet, pantry, and so on. There are also air conditioning, DVD, TV, karaoke stuff, refrigerator, and so on.

You may have got some ideas of the speedboats you can rent in Jakarta to enjoy lots of great places there. The professional yet credible source of boats for rent as like will help you much getting a bunch of benefits and simplicity with the best price.

KM. Vincent 1 

Enjoying your time at Jakarta, Indonesia does not mean you will only be able enjoying the hectic of the big city while dealing with your duties or tasks there. Sure, you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful places in Jakarta by enjoying lots of places around Jakarta, for example exploring lots of small islands there. You can get refreshed and relaxed enjoying the peaceful places there. It will help you getting the peace of mind after suffering from the frustrating hectic days in Jakarta. Why don’t you rent a boat for having fun there and explore the beauty? It also enables you to enjoy fishing there. can be the trusted source for renting a speedboat. They do not only offer the various types of speedboats but also they will give the best service for all customers. You can also discuss your need of the boat to them in order to make a right decision regarding to the boats which you can rent. If you will enjoy the time with some other people who are not more than 25 people, there will be lots of options of the speedboats you can choose from. Some of them are going to be discussed below.

KM Predator 1&2

This is one of the ranges of speedboats which are ready for rent. You can choose it as one of the ideas but be sure that this boat offers what you really need. This 16m long boat has the capacity of 25 passengers. There are also some options of the destinations which you can pick one of them. They are to Pantara Island, Putri Sepa Island, Tidung Island, Pramuka/Pari, Untung Jawa, and also Ayer Island. You can choose one of them and each of them has the different pricing. Another option is to go fishing with the boat which also has the different pricing. What about the facility? This boat provides some great facilities, including two comfy yet clean rooms, living room, pantry, and toilet. There are also TV, karaoke, DVD, air conditioning, and also refrigerator. The facility there are complete enough so that you will also be able enjoying your time there.

KM Litte Star

Another option of the speedboat which they offer there is this made in Indonesia boat. This is quiet small compared with other speedboats since it is 9 meter long and 2.5 meter wide. Thus, it does not have the great capacity since it only accommodates six passengers only. This speedboat is suitable for you who are with the small size group. What are the destinations which we can choose with this boat? The destinations are still the same as the others which we have mentioned at the previous type of boat above.

KM Linggar Jati

This speedboat can be one of the options for you to choose in hunting the boats for rent in Jakarta. You can rent this made in Italy boat to explore lots of islands there. The boat size is 15×4.5 meters which can accommodate about 25 passengers. This boat is powered by the 200pk x 3 Yamaha Engine. This boat offers the complete boat features. The destinations to choose in renting this car are still the same as the previous type of boat which has been mentioned. You also can use the boat for fishing.

KM Vincent 1

This is a speedboat with the capacity of about 20 people. This offers comfort since it has the big size which is 14×3 meters and is powered by the Yamaha Engine. The destinations to go with this boat are still the same as others. This boat offers lots of facilities as like AC, TV, and comfy rooms including pantry and toilet.

The options of the speedboats above can be your options. can be a good place to go since you will get the simplicity in renting the boat with wide ranges of boats to choose.