(Jumlah : 20 Orang)

Sewa kapal speed boat untuk 1 hari atau maximum 10 jam/hari

Kapal dari Marina Ancol Jakarta. Kapal digunakan secara private untuk keperluan: travelling dengan keluarga, perusahaan instansi, reuni, acara keluarga atau acara formil/bisnis, mancing. Karena private rental, maka anda sendiri yang menentukan jadwal.

Made in Indonesia, Kapasitas 20 person, 1 Toilet, 1 Room, TV, Sound, AC, Engine Yamaha 250pk  x  2

Pulau Tujuan  Harga
 P.Ayer, Bidadari

Rp. 5.300.000

 Untung Jawa

Rp. 6.300.000

 Pramuka, Pari

Rp. 7.800.000

 Pulau Tidung / Pramuka

Rp. 7.800.000

 P.Putri Sepa

Rp. 9.300.000

 Pulau Pantara

Rp. 9.300.000

Contoh Kapal KM RAHAYU


Bidadari Island is one of the island in Seribu Island which also one of tourism destination that attracts many domestic travelers and foreign travelers as well. Many people feel amazed with its beauty or marine life and beach itself. Initially, Bidadari Island also called as Sakit Island. However, Bidadari Island has many positive changes, come from the beautiful cottages and other great facilities as well. No wonder that Bidadari Island also one of best destination that you can choose for holiday destination with your family, friends or spouse as well. if you want to go Seribu Island, then you can use speed boat which is provided by management of Bidadari Island. If you want something different, then you can rent a boat that make your holiday more private and offers you with more exciting experience. If you want consider renting a boat, then KM Rahayu will be ready to take you there and open your adventure gate. You can reach Bidadari Island by using speed boat and take around 20 minutes from Marina Ancol harbor in Jakarta. This is also a good destination when you need a reference to spend your best holiday without travel far away from Jakarta.

Specification KM. Rahayu

Registration date           : 2015

Drive train                     : FWD

Condition                      : New

Made                            : Indonesia

Capacity                       : maximum 20 passengers

Engine                          : 2×250 HP Yamaha

Facilities                       : 1 toilet, 1 room, AC, TV, Sound System and Safety Tools

After you arrive in Bidadari Island, then you will be greeted with beautiful panoramic ad the statue of seven horns that is lifting his legs. Before starting your wonderful journey, this is better option to get meals in local restaurant. You can choose many foods and drinks are provided by restaurant. You can get some brochures about this Bidadari Island on the front desk. Of course, you will get much information related to your visit in Bidadari Island. Bidadari Island also helps to preserve the surround natural environment. Even, more than 50% of Bidadari Island is consisting of many rare plants which very difficult to see nowadays. You can capture best view from the beach that look cleaner and more clear as well. Along with gentle breeze that make you more excited and relax, you can sitting in chair by facing the beach and releasing many things.

If you want to try more exciting activities, there are several facilities in Bidadari Island, such as water sport. You can try jet sky, banana boat, canoe, volley beach, karaoke, games, or fishing. You should know that Bidadari Island also a good spot for fishing, of course you can bring fishing equipments with you. Bidadari Island is located between 3 other islands, they are: Onrust Island, Kelor Island and Cipir Island. You might not know that Bidadari Island is actually a historical island. In this island, you can find the Martello Fortress (Dutch Heritage Fortress) which is located in Kelor Island. You can see the ruins of old building that ever stood greatly in this island during hundred years ago. Long time ago, this Martello Fortress was used for surveillance to defend from enemy attacks. Bidadari Island was included in Untung Jawa residents, District of South Seribu Island. The natural beauty along with historical site make this Bidadari Island looks special for your holiday destination. You can enjoy white sandy beach with clear water and visit Martello Fortress along with their cannons were historical that show its natural beauty as well.