(Jumlah: 25 Orang)

Sewa kapal speed boat untuk 1 hari atau maximum 10 jam/hari.

Kapal dari Marina Ancol Jakarta. Kapal digunakan secara private untuk keperluan: travelling dengan keluarga, perusahaan instansi, reuni, acara keluarga atau acara formil/bisnis, mancing. Karena private rental, maka anda sendiri yang menentukan jadwal.



  • Living room
  • Air-conditioning
  • 2 room
  • TV
  • DVD
  • Karaoke
  • Kulkas & Toilet
  • Pantry
Pulau Tujuan  Harga
 P.Ayer, Bidadari

Rp.  2,415,000

 Untung Jawa

Rp.  4,200,000

 Pramuka, Pari

Rp.  6,300,000

 Pulau Tidung

Rp.  6,820,000

 P.Putri Sepa

Rp.  7,350,000

 Pulau Pantara

Rp.  9,450,000




Nama Kapal                 KM. Predator


Tahun Pembuatan



 16 Meter


 4,0 Meter


 1,5 Meter

Material Pembuatan

 Fiber Glass

Jumlah Dek

 2 Dek

Mesin Penggerak

 Yamaha 2 Tak 2 x 300 Hp


 25-45 Knot / Jam


 2 Unit

Kapasitas Bahan Bakar

 700 Liter

Jumlah Penumpang

 25 Orang

Alat Navigasi

 Lampu Navigasi, Kompas, GPS

Perlengkapan Keamanan

 Life Jaket, Ring Boy, Jangkar, Tali

Jumlah ABK

 3 Orang


Contoh Kapal KM PREDATOR

KM. Predator 1&2

Visiting Jakarta with a bunch of great duties and tasks may often make you feel a bit frustrated by the hectic days there. Still, there are always lots of fun things to enjoy there in order to refresh your mind. Enjoying the sweet escape to Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand Islands will be a good idea for anyone to try especially if you have been bored with the hectic days which can be completely frustrating. Lots of ideas can be enjoyed if you are looking for the ideas to have fun there in Jakarta. To refresh your mind, you can explore lots of islands there, as like Ayer Island, Tidung Island, Pantara Island, and many others. There are so many islands which have the beautiful view and worth to visit. Renting a boat in Jakarta means you have to go to the right agent which offers the professional service and is really credible, for example They offer lots of options of the speedboats which you can choose from to explore lots of popular beautiful islands there. All of the boats will start the trip from Marina Ancol, Mutiara beach, and other nearest piers there. Some of the options of the boats which they provide are going to be shared below.

  1. Vincent 1

This is one of the ideas which you can choose from the list of the speedboats for rent. This is the boat which is made in IDN. The size of the boat is not really small. It is about 3 meters for the width and 14 meters for the length of the boat. About 20 passengers can be joined in this boat. You can rent it to reach any of the islands of Ayer Island, Pantara Island, Putri Sepa Island, Tidung Island, Untung Jawa, and Pramuka/Pari. The spots to choose are the same to other types of boats which you can choose there. The facilities you can obtain from this boat are comfy room with AC, clean toilet, Pantry, TV, and so on. This boat is powered by the Yamaha 200pk x3 – engine. You can rent this boat per destination you choose with the maximum time of about ten hours a day. Fishing with this boat is also a good idea for you who love fishing.

  1. Litte Star

The next idea of the speedboats you can choose there is this one which is a made in Indonesia boat with the size of about 9×2.5 meters. This boat is powered by the Suzuki 140 pk x2-engine. This is a type of small sized boat which is suitable for six passengers or less. The options of the sites or islands to visit are the same as others which we have said before. This boat can also be a good idea for you if you want to enjoy fishing on board.

  1. Predator 1&2

This is the next option of the boat which you can consider to choose. This boat has the size of about 16×4 meters which has the capacity of about 25 passengers. This boat is suitable for you if you are going to go in the trip with a group of 25 or less. The destinations which can be chosen are still the same as others and you can pick one of them which will affect to the cost. Some facilities of this boat are including the comfortable rooms, living room, pantry, toilet, air conditioning, DVD, TV, refrigerator, and karaoke.

They are some of the options of the speedboats which you can choose to enjoy the islands of Kepulauan Seribu. is the right one which will be really helpful in getting some simplicity in renting the boat in Jakarta. They always offer the best vehicles with the professional service.