(Jumlah: 10 Orang)

Sewa kapal speed boat untuk 1 hari atau maximum 10 jam/hari.

Kapal dari Marina Ancol Jakarta. Kapal digunakan secara private untuk keperluan: travelling dengan keluarga, perusahaan instansi, reuni, acara keluarga atau acara formil/bisnis, mancing. Karena private rental, maka anda sendiri yang menentukan jadwal.


Made in Indonesia (lokal) size 33” (10,5m x 3m), kapasitas 12 person, 1 Room, Engine Yamaha 200 pk x 2

Nama Kapal                KM. Miichael


Tahun Pembuatan



 10,5 Meter


 3,0 Meter


 1,2 Meter

Material Pembuatan

 Fiber Glass

Jumlah Dek

 2 Dek

Mesin Penggerak

 Yamaha 4 Tak 2 x 200 Hp


 25-40 Knot / Jam


 2 Unit

Kapasitas Bahan Bakar

 700 Liter

Jumlah Penumpang

 10 Orang

Alat Navigasi

 Lampu Navigasi, Kompas, GPS

Perlengkapan Keamanan

 Life Jaket, Ring Boy, Jangkar, Tali

Jumlah ABK

 2 Orang


Pulau Tujuan  Harga
 P.Ayer, Bidadari

Rp. 1,980,000

 Untung Jawa

Rp. 2,930,000

 Pramuka, Pari

Rp. 3,975,000

 Pulau Tidung

Rp. 4,500,000

 P.Putri Sepa

Rp. 4,910,000

 Pulau Pantara

Rp. 6,180,000


Rp. 8,175,000



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For residents who live in Jakarta might ever hear about tourism destination in Harapan Island because of its location not too far from Jakarta, so this is more accessible. In this island you are also able to visit other islands or you just exploring this island. On weekend or holiday season, this island attracts many local tourists and foreign tourists as well. Harapan Island also means Hope in language, this island provides you with beautiful hope that you can enjoy. Harapan Island is the north part of Seribu Island which is also including of 30 islands. No wonder that there are many investors start to build resorts and many islands are privately managed. Harapan Island is one of inhabited island. This location is strategic between small islands and resort, therefore, Harapan Island can be an alternative option as relaxation spot and you can stay overnight with affordable price. There are many options to reach this island, and one of best option is rent a boat. Rent a boat can make your holiday more fun and exciting. You can spend your most quality time with your family or friends. When you look for recommendation of boat rental, Sewa Kapal Company should be on your list. There are many boats that you can choose, one of them is KM. Michael.

Specification KM. Michael

  • Flag : Indonesian
  • Production year : 2012
  • Length : 10.5 M
  • Width : 3 M
  • Draf : 1.2 M
  • Material : fiberglass
  • Decks : 2 Decks
  • Generator engine: 2x 200 HP Yamaha
  • Speed : 24 to 40 knots per hour
  • Propeller : 2 units
  • Fuel tank capacity: 700 L
  • Passenger : 10 passengers
  • Safety tools : Compass, GPS, navigation light, life jacket, rope, ring boy

You can check at to get specific information about price and type of boats that you can choose based on your need. The price is vary and competitive along with several destinations that you can choose.

Although the location of Harapan Island is pretty close with Jakarta, however this is classified as small island and less visitors only when compared to other islands in Seribu Island area. The most special point of this destination is beautiful underwater view, such as: Bira Besar Island. This island is not only offers you with incredible underwater view, but its wave also quite friendly so you can get clearer view underwater. The coral reeds in this location also one of best spot snorkeling because they are still natural and do not affect by environmental destruction from human activities. If you choose with package tour, then the tour provides might include your trip with snorkeling, so yo do not need to prepare the equipments. Harapan Island also has gentle white sand beach and bluish color on its water. So, this is can be your best spot for relaxation and release your stress related to your work. You will get the best healing time with your family or friends.

So, when you prefer to rent a boat to accompany your holiday, then Sewa Kapal provides you with best solution. As mentioned before that Sewa Kapal Company offers you with boat rental, speedboat, fishing boat and other boat rentals from harbors in Jakarta. The package is or offered for fishing and traveling to Seribu Island, even for other projects, such as: crew shuttle and wedding boat as well. There are many boats and different capacities that you can choose based on your need. All of them are adjusted based on your preference.